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Don’t get too excited, well, yes- you definitely can, but let me tell you all about it first.

I have been steadily working on hosting the Ultimate Mother’s Day Giveaway. See, I do work when I’m not posting ;)

Seriously though. If I can bring your attention, for just a moment, to the Ultimate Mother’s Day Giveaway Sponsor’s Page. From now until the start date for this giveaway, you can see the latest Sponsors for this totally cool event which I have worked very hard to bring together (yes, I’ve given myself a pat on the back) If this works out great, I will also be hosting an Ultimate Father’s Day Giveaway (cross your fingers it’s a success)!

***The Ultimate Mother’s Day Giveaway is set to start on April 14 and will end on May 2 (in hopes that the lucky winner can receive all the goodies before the special day).

The Sponsor’s page is not complete. I am still waiting on confirmations to other great products that will be included in this promotion. At that time, new banners will be added to the appropriate prize package.

One of the sponsors I work with often (from Click Communications) has stated that they are putting a nice collection of Disney Movies together for this event- I’ll add the titles once he contacts me on Tuesday (Wednesday at the latest).

I’m expecting the prize value (for the grand prize winner) to reach or even exceed $1000.00. I’ll give you all the details once it nears the official Giveaway start. Be patient, you have until April 14th to drool and anticipate a great giveaway….courtesy of my very hard work! :). If you haven’t gone to the Sponsor’s page yet…here’s a current rundown (more will be added before April 14th) so mark your calendars and if you haven’t subscribed to Blogfully; please consider doing so- that way you don’t miss this event:

GRAND PRIZE (1 winner) includes:

  • Community coffee mother’s day gift basket valued at $45.00
  • Snapfish $75.00 online Gift Credit
  • Scentsy System (from me) valued at $40.00
  • Disney Movie collection (value coming soon)

2nd prize (1 winner) includes:

  • Nickelodeon’s iCarly: iFight Shelby Marx DVD valued at $16.99 (mainly to entertain the little ones- that’s a gift for mom’s isn’t it?)
  • Scentsy Fluttering Fragrance valued at $3.00

3rd prize (1 winner) includes:

  • Nickelodeon’s iCarly: iFight Shelby Marx DVD valued at $16.99
  • Scentsy Fluttering Fragrance valued at $3.00


Thanks guys, without the continuous visits from you, this may not have been possible…I hope you enjoy this giveaway as much as I will in hosting it. It’s definitely worth it!!!

Comment’s are closed on the Sponsor’s page, but are opened in this post so share your thoughts, I’d love to hear what you think…Please note that the giveaway has not officially begun yet, this is just a “FYI” post.

IF YOU ARE A PR AND WOULD LOVE TO PARTICIPATE- please head to the Sponsor’s page and contact me using the form I have set up for your convenience. Would love to hear from you!

blogfully yours

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About the author: Living in South Texas, Barb is wife to a taxidermist and mother to three outrageously rambunctious kids (ages 10, 11 & 20) and their cute dogs, Jager and Louie! Barb spends her day’s blogging, chatting with friends on Facebook, tweeting, sharing far too many crazy pictures on Pinterest & Instagram, and most importantly…trying to catch a cat-nap when she can. Her favorite drinks are Coffee and Unsweetened Mango tea from Sonic. Barb – through Blogfully – shares her personal insight on the products she tries, uses, hates, and loves. She lives to travel, enjoys reading, can crochet a mean afghan, and is told she makes the best chicken salad sandwiches ever!

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  • Julie T

    All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What an awesome giveaway. I cant wait to see further posts regarding this.

  • Julie T

    Barb Im not sure how familiar you are with the scentsy products. My daughter gave me a scentsy system for my birthday and I absolutely love it. Much safer than candles you have to light. The scents are really awesome. They have a huge variety to choose from and you can use them over and over again. The only problem is that I dont know where to go to get more. Do you know where these products are sold?

  • @Julie T: I happily sell scentsy and have been for a year now. just head to http://www.goingwickless.com and buy easily online. Also, next month’s warmer is amazing (if you love birds). It actually looks like a bird bath’s…too cute!!!! contact me anytime- I love selling Scentsy and I believe I’ve even hooked a few readers, from Blogfully, onto it too.

    Blogfully yours,
    Barb ;)

    • renee

      Yes, she has gotten a few of her readers hooked on Scentsy ;)

    • Julie T

      Well this reader is hooked and you arent the one who did it. LOL. I will definitely check out that website. Thanks for hooking me up. The system my daughter gave me is a lighthouse, and it is beautiful. I love and collect lighthouses. I think they are very beautiful and symbolic. A few years ago I had an illness that required me to spend months, actually almost a year, in rehab and/or physical therapy learning how to walk again. I was planning a vacation with a friend at the end of all of this and my goal was to be able to climb the 200 + steps of the lighthouse and look out over the Atlantic ocean. I achieved my goal. I cant remember the name of the fragrance that I like to use in my system, but it reminds me of the smell of the ocean. It is wonderful. Please forgive me for rambling on here. It is a quiet Saturday morning here at my house with my dog curled up at my feet and my cat trying to walk across my keyboard telling me she’s not getting enough attention so I am just enjoying a cup of tea and your blog. Thanks for all the work you put into this. Have a great Easter weekend and dont overdo it with the Tony the Tiger thing today.

  • Cindy Merrill

    Is it possible to offer a $75 gift card to Amazon.com as an alternative to the Snapfish credit?

  • @Cindy Merrill: Sorry, no. Unless someone sponsors a $75.00 Gift Credit towards a prize, then it won’t be included in the giveaway.

    There will not be any “alternate” gifts awarded in this event uless sponsor states otherwise.

    thanks for asking…

    Blogfully yours,
    Barb ;)

  • renee

    And might I say you have really outdone yourself with this giveaway Barb. What a cool bunch of prizes. I can’t decide which prize I’m most excited about!
    One question: What’s a Scentsy Fluttering Fragrance?

  • @renee: Well, yesterday was April fools and consultants got pranked. It used to be called the car candle, but now they’re doing a giveaway to find a name for this.

    It’s a hanging frangrance (kind of like those pine tree scents you buy at wally world, but 80 smells + and better….

    In other words, it’s kind of nameless right now, but basically speaking- it’s a hanging freshener for your car…

    Blogfully yours,
    Barb :)

    • renee

      ooooh! That’s funny! I was looking all over gowickless.com going, “What the heck is she talking about?” I thought it was a new product so I had to go check it out :)