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Outlast Long Lasting Hand Sanitizer

Outlast Long-Lasting Hand Sanitizer Are you aware that most hand sanitizers only last for two minutes and that most germs can live on surfaces for more than 2 hours? I wasn’t aware either but now I am and it’s kind of disturbing.

I’ve always taken ‘hand sanitizing’ measures to the extreme. You can usually see sanitizers in the bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms and any other place that has a spot wide enough to hold a bottle; around my house. And if that isn’t enough; I usually have a small bottle or two in my purse because you never know when you’ll need it. This is probably a little overboard, for some, but I can’t help it. I hate germs. I would rather know that I took extreme measures to prevent an overload of germ invites than to not and feel dirty as a result.

I was sent a nice bundle of hand sanitizers to share with friends and family a few weeks ago and even received a few gifts for the kids so that they can learn the importance of fighting germs. As an extra-extra bonus; they also sent me a Clipa as a thank you for participating. Don’t know what a Clipa is? Head to www.clipa.us to read up on the benefits of having one- it’s a must have for any woman.

Click to see how the Clipa Works I was really impressed with the Clipa for one of the following reasons. I have always hated using public restrooms because most of them do not provide a little hook thingy in the stalls to hang your purse. This leads me to have to hold my purse at all times. It’s not like I want to set it anywhere anyways but having a hook helps a little. Think about it. How many germs are you inviting to join your day out when you set your purse down in a public bathroom (or anywhere else for that matter)- YUK! No thank you; I’ll pass.

Another reason I was totally impressed with the Clipa is for it’s cute accessorizing benefits. I mean really- have you seen how cute it looks as a bracelet? It’s multi functional. That’s a good enough reason for me.

Let’s get back to OutLast Long Lasting Hand Sanitizer, shall we?

It doesn’t have a smell (aside from the alcohol base). So don’t expect any frilly-foo-foo smells or anything like that. What you can expect is a great quality product that is going to work for you; killing 99.99% of germs instantly. It’s patented formula was developed by researchers at Columbia University Medical School and has been used by surgeons and other healthcare professionals in hospitals for years.

Now, just because OutLast has been used in hospitals for years doesn’t mean you need to worry about it being too rough on your kids’ hands. The fact is- OutLast’s Long Lasting Hand Sanitizer has moisturizers to leave hands feeling silky. I have been allowing my girls to use it whenever they feel the need to do so and it has yet to dry out their hands. The girls don’t really care for the smell (because it doesn’t have any) but they know it’s working to kill those teeny-tiny germs that can rest on their hands and everything else they touch. The only problem I’ve seen is that they’ve grown to be a little ‘sanitizer’ happy. I’ve caught them cleaning their toys and shoes and bookshelves with it and have had to sit them down to tell them that it only to be used on their hands (and nothing else).

If you’re interested in learning more about OutLast’s Long Lasting Hand Sanitizer; please visit www.outlastgerms.com. You can even purchase the hand sanitizer online (for your convenience).

My thoughts:

I was pretty impressed with all the products received. I have used the Clipa everywhere I go and even accessorize with it. I love it’s versatility and have enjoyed the conversation starters it’s brought with it (those are always fun). As for the OutLast Long Lasting hand sanitizer- I really like that it hasn’t dried out my hands. I have eczema and have dealt with the pains associated with it. Using hand sanitizers usually provokes the pain because I use them so much. Since using OutLast, I haven’t had any issues. My hands feel very soft and silky. I’ve even been complimented for them (which is a shocker).

I totally recommend both the Outlast hand sanitizer and The Clipa Clip. I think that for women, many will benefit from using the Clipa. I’m sure that most women despise having to set their purses down in public and feel that the Clipa would help eliminate many of those worries. As for OutLast…who wouldn’t want a sanitizer that outlasts the others. Who wouldn’t want a sanitizer that will work up to six hours longer than the usual brand? Exactly… 

Please note: Healthcare specialists agree that hand washing is the single most effective way to prevent the transmission of disease.  When soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Disclosure: I was sent products, from Mom Select & OutLast, to help facilitate my review as well as to provide samples to family and friends. I was not given any monetary compensation for my thoughts nor does receiving any product influence my opinions. Thank you.

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  • I carry hand sanitizer in my purse as you never know what kind of mess you might get into! Great review.

    I had never heard of the clipa, but I agree, every mom needs one!

    New follower from FF. Hope you come visit me at my blog!

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  • Margaret

    Dear Barb:

    Thanks so much for the great review of OutLast Long-Lasting Hand Sanitizer! We’re so pleased you like the product and hope you’ll keep using it!

    Happy end of summer to you and your family.


    Margaret Ritsch
    For OutLast and Healthpoint, Ltd.

    • Margaret,

      Thank you too. The OutLast sanitizer is amazing and yes, I will absolutely continue to use it!!! Thanks so much for stopping by and personally letting me know you loved the review. It makes me feel great and brightens my day!

      Blogfully yours,