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Staph A Septic Product Review

Okay, this review opportunity was a must me. I have been battling with Staph infections for a few years now and let me tell you- they are the worst infection to have. If not treated, they can cause serious damage, if not death because of the severity in which it can reach; in a matter of days.

Because I’m diabetic; doctors have told me that I am more prone to getting them because my body doesn’t heal as fast as someone else without diabetes. The doctors have also said that your body acts as a ‘sealed envelope’ and once you get your first staph infection, it’s common that these infections will recur because that ‘staph seal’ has been broken.

People used to think that the only ones who got staph were dirty. Only people that didn’t bathe as often and were outside all the time got them. Not true. For those unaware of staph (and I’m no expert- maybe at getting them, but nothing more). It’s a bacteria that lives in most everyone, deep in the back of your nose. It likes heated parts of the body like the arm pits, the waist line under your clothes, and other ‘unmentionable’ areas. It is very common to find one erupted on your behind and armpits because of the heat. Mine have generally been in my hairline above my forehead, my forearms and on my waist- under my beltline. I have had the occasional one pop up on my back end and those are not pleasant at all. They hurt worse than anything I’ve ever felt before and it only takes a day for it to get really bad, really quick. buy StaphASeptic online

Staph does not go away with topical ointment, it must be treated with an antibiotic and, to date, there are only three meds that can kill it. Two are prescribed by a doctor and one has to be taken through IV at the hospital. I’ve even been told recently that staph is building an immunity to these meds- it’s kind of scary, especially since Piper just got one last week and she’s still taking Bactrim for it (twice a day for another 5 days). We don’t know how she got this last one, but we remember her complaining that she fell at the playground, at school, and bumped her head against the metal base of the slide. This happened last Friday. Buy Monday of last week, I couldn’t even run a hair brush through her hair. We ended up taking her to the emergency room that evening (the minute we noticed a big ‘pimple like’ mound on her head) and we’re glad that we did because it was bad. The doctor did a culture and within three days she called back with the results, telling us that it was in fact, Staph (AKA: MRSA). By the way; Staph is contagious. Well, not the ‘staph’ itself, but the fluid that seeps from the infection is. That’s another reason for the importance of seeking medical attention when they do appear. If other people in the house have had them before, chances are, they’ll get it too. I’m telling you- these infections are vicious.

Now, the product I reviewed is not an antibiotic for Staph. It is actually a first aid antiseptic/pain relieving gel. It acts more as a preventative against staph because as some of you may know; staph is a bacteria that can localize itself in minor cuts, scrapes and burns which can progress to MRSA, staph, strep and other germs that can ultimately become worse.

Staph A Septic is:

A preventative relieving gel that can be used as part of a complete staph prevention program. It is antibiotic free, is a maximum strength antiseptic, non-irritating, soothing wound care. It is for external use only, but for deep puncture wounds, animal bites and serious burns; it is recommended that you consult a doctor before using. You can read more about and/or purchase this product by visiting www.staphaseptic.com. While there, download your coupon for $1 OFF

**If you don’t know what a staph infection looks like; visit this page for more information and possible images**

Again; I am not a doctor, but have been treated for Staph (MRSA) more times than I can count. I know that it can get serious and needs to be treated with antibiotics. If there is a product that can help minimize the bacteria from reaching this type of infection, I want to try it out. So far, for me Staph A Septic has been good. I haven’t had a staph (as a result of Piper getting hers), so this is a good thing- trust me, it is. :)

Staph A Septic can be purchased at most major drugstores and supermarkets (in the pharmacy area). It is an over the counter antiseptic (not an antibiotic) so you don’t need a prescription for this, but I want to let you know that it is a little pricey. I found it at my drugstore for just under $16 dollars. If you get them often though, it really is a good idea to at least look into this product a little more. It might be beneficial for you to try.

Disclosure: I was given a full-sized sample of Staph A Septic, for the purpose of my candid review. I am making no claims that this is treatment for staph, just a product evaluation through my experiences with MRSA. This was not a paid post nor did receiving product influence any ‘positive’ feedback. Please seek medical attention if you believe you have staph. Thank you.

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  • renee

    My husband got a staph infection in his finger last year. We’re hoping we don’t have to go through THAT again any time soon, but we’ll keep this product in mind if we do. Thanks for the review!

  • Staph mrsa infection is not a very serious problem but still it needs to be treated once it enters the body of an individual.