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March 2011

Pictures Speak Louder:Temptations By Jello (Review)


Okay…so my “plans” were to fill you in with a lot of detailed info about the new Temptations, by Jello, but then I began the process of making my delicious dessert; for after dinner tonight. And then I thought…Hey! You probably already know about the New Temptations, shoot, maybe some of you have already tried [...]

Giveaway: Brush Your Teeth At Work Day


[box type="info"] UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. Winners have been chosen using a random generator.... Congrats to:  Andrea V & Renee!! I'm emailing you soon! [/box] Arm & Hammer® Toothpaste and Arm & Hammer® Spinbrush® battery-powered toothbrushes have joined together to declare Thursday, March 31st, 2011 as national “Brush Your Teeth at Work Day.” [...]

Entertaining The Kids


Since I was busy, all weekend, and into this week; shopping for a new theme (ta-da…isn’t it great? I’m not done yet though); I tried keeping the kids entertained. This was pretty easy, considering they are easily entertained on their own. They usually hang out in their room playing LPS and Barbie Dolls, or they’ll [...]

Props to Wii Country Dance


So you say you like country music? What about dancin’? Oh, oh. Or how ‘bout competing against friends? If this is what you call fun, then I’ve got just the game to get you rompin’-and-a-stompin’ all over you’re living room floor! It’s fun, entertaining, (can be physically challenging), and has some of the best music [...]

The Tweaks must Wait


Well…I’m part of the way finished (changing things once again), and honestly, I’m pretty exhausted. Changing the theme was harder to do than I thought. It made me want to pull my hair out! And to think—I’m not quite done yet. There are only 3 things I’m not happy with, with this theme. 1) the [...]

I’ve Been Critiqued


Ha-ha…but seriously…I’ve been critiqued and now I’m itching to make some changes (for me, for you and everyone). I asked for it though. I’m a member of The Pitch List Bloggers group and there was a discussion; offering up guidance, tips, and thoughts on individual sites. I knew mine needed some work, but I wanted [...]

BIG G Cereal Prize Pack Winners


Hey all—just a quick post to announce the winners of the Big G Cereal Prize Pack giveaway. There were almost 400 entries (woo-hoo!!!) Awesome!!! Thanks so much; to everyone who participate! I wish I had more Big G prize packs to award. But, the good news is—we have a whole lot of other great giveaways [...]

GIVEAWAY: Clorox Bathroom Essentials ToiletWand Prize Pack


[box type="info"] UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed and the winner, chosen randomly, is...  Karen Gonyea CONGRATS Karen. Keep an eye out for an email coming to you in minute![/box] When I woke up this morning and stepped outside; I could hear the birds singing. The sun was shining on my hair and the smell [...]