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Celebrating “Eat Your Jello Day”

Yes, you read that right, July 12th is “Eat Your Jello Day”. Created in honor of Jello spokesperson Bill Cosby’s birthday.

Since this sounds like one of those holidays that is too good to be true, it seemed like a great excuse for having some good ‘ole Jello fun with the kids.

Here are three great ways to celebrate this unusual day…

Create an Underwater Scene

If your kids love crafts, they are sure to love making their own Jello fish tank. Before you begin you will need to get a few supplies. A box of blue Jello, nerds or other small pebbly looking candy (for the fish tank gravel) and of course gummy creatures such as fish, octopus and even gummy worms to be eels.

You can either do this as an individual portion by using a disposable plastic cup or create a family size one using a never before inhabited fish bowl, a glass bowl or even a pitcher. Anything will work as long as it is clear so the kids can see their creation when it is complete.

Make up the blue Jello according to the instructions on the package and give it some time in the refrigerator to cool (but not start to set up). In to your container, have the kids pour in the nerds or other candy that will be the pebbles on the bottom. Then slowly spoon in the blue Jello and put the cup back in the refrigerator. Once it starts to setup the kids can push their jelly creatures in to create an underwater scene.

Get out the Cookie Cutters and Make Shapes

Make up the Jello in several 9” x 13” pans and let it set overnight. Smaller kids will love the tactile feeling of creating all sorts of shapes using small and large cookie cutters. Put them together on a plate to create a Jello scene for a fun and simple dessert.

If you want to get really fancy, make layered Jello by starting with a thin layer of one color and allowing it to set for an hour or two. Then pour in a second color and let it set. Continue until you have as many layers as you want. When the shapes are cut the result will be a rainbow effect. A fun way to learn about colors, shapes and have a treat!

Play In It

Alright, so this is not about eating Jello (although the kids will probably sneak a taste), but it sure is fun! Make up several packages of different flavors of Jello and fill a large bowl with cubes of it. Kids will love the feeling as it squishes through their fingers and marvel at the colors that are created as the different flavors combine.

After a good play rinse off under the hose or sprinkler. Sounds like a fun July day that Bill Cosby himself would surely approve of!


A sincere thanks to Blogfully’s Guest Blogger Jennifer Kirkpatrick

Jennifer Kirkpatrick is always happy when she finds weird and wacky new holidays to celebrate with her two kids and always willing (when there is dessert involved) husband. When she’s not busy making Jello she runs Pipsqueak Boutique, an online store that sells unique new born baby gifts, 1st birthday gifts and lots of unique personalized gifts for kids.

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