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Pre-Op Appointment now done

It’s been a very long drawn-out day today; sorry for posting so late.

I had a few doctors appointments this morning; one being my pre-op stuff. I was at the hospital for a few hours (from 10am-3:15pm). I had an EKG, Chest X-ray, and blood work done. Then I had to talk to the nurse about my surgery, anesthesia, doctors that will be in the room and then, of course, she was there to answer any questions I might have before the surgery. When I finally got home (since I only slept for 4 hours last night) I was pretty well beat from the day. The rest of the day was basically non productive. I basically sat around with the girls and watched them play on the iPad and even had time to watch a movie. But this is how tired I was…I fed the girls tuna fish sandwiches (with cheese) and a hand full of corn chips for dinner. Mm mm. It was actually pretty good though.

So the date and time for surgery is all set. The only thing I have to do now is bust my butt to get some posts written before then. I have a guest blogger set for the 12th. We also have the second half of our Texas Summer Giveaway Bash. I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me before I can rest (and heal).

FYI:Winner’s from the first half have already been notified and some have probably even received their prizes by now. I’ll try to get a winner’s list for that bash soon. I’ll try…if for some reason I can’t—just visit the Texas Summer Giveaway Facebook page and I believe they have a list there.


So that’s what I was up to all day. If I sound like I’m rambling…I probably am at this point. So what did you do today? Was it half as “exciting” as mine (LOL). Yes/No…either way—I want to hear about it if you care to share. Smile

Blogfully yours,


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  • Steve Capell

    I’m praying for complete success with your surgery. Take care.


    • Thank you Steve. It’s kind of funny…these past few weeks seem like they’ve flown by and now it feels like each day is like an eternity. I just want to get to surgery day, wake up afterwards and be done with the whole “worry” bit. LOL!

  • renee

    I’m just worrying with getting ready for our first year of homeschooling–seems very minor compared to worrying about surgery! But you are going to do just fine so you don’t have to worry. Praying for you! I bet your girls will have you nursed back to health in no time. Good luck :)