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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Letters For Freedom: The Civil War


Patience has always loved science, but more recently she’s turned her interests toward history and the stories, pictures and reasons behind it. I was given an opportunity to read a hands-on history book from innovativeKids. The book, Letters For Freedom: The Civil War, focuses greatly on real-life letters, stories, photographs, and events of the Civil [...]

EvoraPet Oral Probiotics for Pets


I’m not a pet owner, but between my sister and mother, we have 4 dogs in the family; two big ones (Biscuit & Bullseye) and two small ones (Pepper & Rusty). If Biscuit & Bullseye sound familiar, it’d because I’ve introduced them to you once before. Pepper and Rusty, on the other hand, have not [...]