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December 2011

Triple Action Purex (NEW Liquid Laundry Detergent and UltraPacks)


As a Purex Insider I receive packages that consist of new products that will soon be released to the public. Not to brag, but…it’s fun being in the know for a product I use so often! In the last three weeks (with the most recent delivery being three days ago) I have received two types [...]

Improved Moon Dough Brings More Fun


I am so glad the makers of Moon Dough decided to change their formula up a bit. They’ve really done well with it. What I mean is; It’s not nearly as messy as it used to be. It feels a lot softer and smoother. It doesn’t crumble as fast and it’s not—at all—hard to clean [...]

Results from our Listerine Oral Care Challenge


Okay so seriously…we could not have received our Listerine Oral Care package at a more perfect time (in the midst of our Holiday Festivities). You know…with all the chocolates, candies and pastries we’d be indulging in. We received a box—almost four weeks ago—packed with dental floss, Listerine Mouth Wash (a variety of sorts), toothbrushes and [...]

Fairy Tales Hair Care Is At It Again


Fairy Tales Hair Care products have quickly become a staple in my home, particularly for the girls. The last time we received product from Fairy Tales Hair Care, it was to review their Rosemary Repel Hair Product collection (to help prevent lice). We loved it. The shampoo, conditioner, leave in conditioner and repellant smelt amazing. [...]

Is It Over Already?


All that’s left from Yesterday’s events is a very very messy house and tons of boxes needing to be crushed. I’m still kind of tired from staying up late on Christmas Eve (4am), and then waking up early on Christmas Morning (8am).  I could use 12 hours of sleep and a nice quiet house to [...]

The Eve Before Christmas is Finally Here


It’s finally here. The Eve of Christmas Day. I’ve got so much work that needs to be done before the end of the year, but instead (and more importantly) I choose to bask in the joy and beauty of Christmas. I hope you’re doing the same…even if it’s just for a little while. I know [...]

I Am Now A Groupon Member


I thought—for the longest time—that I already had an account with Groupon. Last time I was in San Antonio with my family my sister asked if I’d been referred to them yet (because she wanted to send me an invitation and I told her I already had an account, I just never signed in to [...]

My Afghan is finally Complete


Just in time for Christmas (YES!). I managed to put every spare minute into crocheting this afghan so that it can be ready for wrapping and placing under the tree. Zach is the new member in our family (the one I made this gift for). He’s 18 and moved in a few months ago. I [...]