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January 2012

Giveaway: Farm Rich product coupon (2 winners)


We love our mozzarella cheese sticks. We can eat them all day long. In fact, the best time to eat them is when they come straight out of the oven…and the absolute best way to eat them is when you have a bowl filled with the richest, coldest four-cheese-style marinara or spaghetti sauce by its [...]

Deals for Monday 1/30/12


Happy Monday everyone!!! Have I got some deals for you (and a ton of printable coupons). Hope you like them!!!! Austin TX: - $17 for a standard oil change ($34 Value) -$39 for 1-month Koko FitClub Membership including Smart Training Consultation and Personalized Fitness Plan flash drive ($318 Value) - $63 carpet cleaning, includes 3 [...]

How to Stretch a Budget

Coupons dot org

Guest Post: Coupons.org’s Ella Davidson has written this guest post. Her writing is regularly featured on charitable couponing website, Coupons. There are times when your budget can feel especially tight—times like now, in the post-holiday season when the financial voids of gift shopping still yawn painfully open. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to [...]



I’m a huge “cleaner” fanatic. I love mops, scrubbers, sponges, and dusters. I go crazy with disinfectants, scented cleaners, scrubs, polishes and laundry softeners. My favorite isle in any store or supermarket that I visit IS the cleaning isle…and the laundry section. I can literally spend hours on a site or in a store that [...]

Unforeseen Financial Burdens; What To Do


Between Patience needing braces, me needing to see the doctor and the truck needing 3 new tires, I don’t know how we’ll get through this month without having to depend on payday loans. There’s just not enough income coming into this house not to. It’s hard enough without all this extra crap. We just saw [...]

AP Deals for Thursday 1-26


Good morning everyone! Hope all is well on your end. I’m going to make this post short and sweet—hope you can take advantage of one, or all, of the deals today. Oh, but don’t forget about the iPad2 Giveaway…you wouldn’t want to miss a chance to win one would you? Austin TX: - $17 for [...]



MATTIONI plumbing, heating & cooling, Inc. has been servicing Chester County PA, Heating Lionville-Marchwood PA, and HVAC West Goshen PA since 1948. They specialize in preventative maintenance, plumbing, heating and cooling and offer, what’s called, the Healthy Home Club to it’s customers to help keep their systems operating safely and efficiently. If you’re in the [...]

Giveaway: #WIN a Little Caesars $5 GC & Bean Doll (too cute)


What’s your poison when it comes to Pizza? Is it pepperoni? Sausage? Cheese? For the kids and I, the answer is simple. It really doesn’t matter what it is. As long as it’s a HOT-N-READY Pizza from Little Caesars! Mmmm…I can taste it already!!! To get you hungry for Little Caesars, here’s their latest commercial… [...]