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It Is a Saturday After All…

drawn By PatienceSaturday oh Saturday

How you take me away

From priorities and promises

What have YOU to say?

I try to play catch up

All the week long

But when you’re upon us

No work can be done.


Don’t think that I hate you

It’s simply not so

I love you so much that I cry when you go…


Hahaha…just a little random fun on a Saturday afternoon. I’m not good at writing poems but that doesn’t stop me from trying.

My favorite book is “Where the Sidewalk Ends” by Shel Silverstein…and if I was given a wish to come true I’d definitely wish to have his talent.

So do you have plans today? Have you entered the latest giveaway (posted yesterday) for a $50 Novica E-Gift Card? If you haven’t, you should…it’s a great store to shop @ for the first time…there’s lots of eye candy on every page.

Anyways…the girls are waiting for me. I promised we’d walk to the Dollar General and spend a little “mad money” on whatever.

Have a great day everyone!!!

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About the author: Living in South Texas, Barb is wife to a taxidermist and mother to three outrageously rambunctious kids (ages 10, 11 & 20) and their cute dogs, Jager and Louie! Barb spends her day’s blogging, chatting with friends on Facebook, tweeting, sharing far too many crazy pictures on Pinterest & Instagram, and most importantly…trying to catch a cat-nap when she can. Her favorite drinks are Coffee and Unsweetened Mango tea from Sonic. Barb – through Blogfully – shares her personal insight on the products she tries, uses, hates, and loves. She lives to travel, enjoys reading, can crochet a mean afghan, and is told she makes the best chicken salad sandwiches ever!

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  • renee

    My thoughts EXACTLY!!! I am going to be playing catch up ALL WEEK because my sister and I decided to take a last minute trip to the book resale shop…One of my favorite places to go but I wasted WAY too much time this weekend :(
    AND YOU!!!!! changed the blog theme again–lol! I knew you would never settle on one forever ;)

  • Lol…just a few changes. I wanted to spruce up the background a teeny tiny bit. Do you like?
    It is fun to play hooky from priorities though…and book stores with sisters are always awesome ;)
    Glad you had a fun weekend.
    barb recently posted…We Like MR Chewy

    • renee

      I do like it–adds a little color, much needed around here where it has been endlessly rainy and gloomy for a week….question for you, oh blog goddess…why do I get some updates from Feedburner a day behind and some on the same day the author writes a new post? For example, I always get yours (and others, not trying to pick on you or criticize, I swear!) a day behind, but I get Tight Wad in Utah the same day she/they post new material. Do you know if I can do something to change that?

      • I just hate gloomy weather (glad I could help brighten it a bit for you :) )
        You know Renee…I’m really not sure why this happens. I will look into it though. I’m curious about it myself. :)
        Tight Wad in Utah huh? Sounds like a great site…I’m going to go check this blog out.
        barb recently posted…Giveaway: $50 Novica E-Gift Card

      • Hey Renee….I looked into it and the only thing I come up with is the feed you signed up for. Maybe.

        I have a few blogs that happened to be accepted through gaternews (I think that’s what it’s called) and then some are in regular email updates. The ones I get through gaternews get sent my way (each new post) as it goes live. The updates I receive through news feed come as often as just once a day, like the way you receive mine :)

        I hope that helps. Again…I’m not sure but I’m assuming that’s how it works.
        Barb recently posted…Giveaway: $50 Novica E-Gift Card

  • What a FUN post!!!! So sorry it took me until Thursday to see it. :(
    Janet K recently posted…Are you Tebowing?

  • patience

    hehe i drew that picture didn`t I but it did take a while right? Wait. yes it did.