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I’m a huge “cleaner” fanatic. I love mops, scrubbers, sponges, and dusters. I go crazy with disinfectants, scented cleaners, scrubs, polishes and laundry softeners. My favorite isle in any store or supermarket that I visit IS the cleaning isle…and the laundry section.

I can literally spend hours on a site or in a store that offers cleaning supplies and products. I know that makes me kind of weird, but I do find joy in this type of stuff. This is also why I love blogging for the Fuller Brush Company. It’s been fun for me and good for my cleaning obsessions.

Fuller CleanersThe latest cleaners have been awesome at leaving my house smelling fresh, clean and lemony. They’ve each done their job and are now considered the go to cleaners for these particular areas of the house that they’re used for.

The disposal cleaner had done wonders; not only to the smell of the disposal area, but to the overall performance of the disposal too. Since I’ve used this foam cleaner the disposal doesn’t seem like it’s running as hard it was before.

Overall—it’s a cleaner that works great for all disposals with a price that to me is definitely doable.

Foaming Disposal Cleaner

SRP: $6.99

Size: 14.5 oz

Product details:

Leaves disposal and sinks fresh and clean with a long lasting citrus scent. Its thick foaming action cleans deep down while the citrus oils break down the grease and deodorize.

As for the premium floor and wood floor cleaners, they’re great too. I most definitely love all the lemony smells that Fuller cleaners have.

The original premium floor care cleaner is definitely making the tile downstairs look shinier and cleaner—almost wet looking—without the residue or streaks that some of the other brands have left behind before. It’s not sticky afterwards like some of the mop solutions I’ve used in the past. I love everything about this cleaner except that you really have to make sure you have the time to clean the floors (will the kids are sleeping or @ school). The cleaner does an amazing job but it takes about 20 minutes, after you’ve “mopped” your floors, for it to dry thoroughly. The same goes for the Original Wood Floor Care Cleaner.

Original Premium Floor Care

SRP: $4.79

Size: 20 fl oz

Product Details:

This product leaves no residue and is safe to use on no-wax vinyl, laminate, linoleum, tile, marble, slate and sealed wood. This is a ready-to-use formula.

Original Wood Floor Care

SRP: $4.79

Size: 20 fl oz

Product Details:

Leaving wood floors with a long-lasting lustrous shine. This formula gives floors a durable and preserved protection with one easy step.

Final Thoughts:

Every one of the Fuller products above are recommended to you. They’ve really done wonders for my floors and the disposal cleaner is definitely a favorite in the kitchen.

Disclosure: As part of the Fuller Blogger group, I am sent products monthly, for review. These are not paid posts. All thoughts and/or opinions expressed on Blogfully are solely my own and based on my personal experiences with the product.

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