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February 2012

Sweepstakes: Chef BoyardeeLICIOUS

CHEF BoyardeeLICIUOS Facebook Sweepstakes

With time still left on the clock, here's your chance to win FREE GROCERIES for a year! And if that isn't enough to make you happy, Chef Boyardee is picking weekly winners to receive a $500 prize, as well as $75 in Chef Coupons. Here's what you need to know: Now through March 11, 2012... [...]

Giveaway: Silk Fruit & Protein Coupons (Good for FREE Product)


Delicious...That was the first word that came to mind when Patience and I took our first sip of the new Silk Fruit & Protein - Mango Peach flavored - drinks. There are actually three flavored combinations, the Mango Peach was just the first one we tried. Patience, Piper and I (and now Zach) drink Silk [...]

Giveaway: #Win A Pinnacle Tattoo T-Shirt


No. Sadly I wasn't the lucky one getting inked. John has wanted a tattoo since I can remember. The problem was, he could never get the courage up to put something on his body that he could be proud of. He wanted his tattoo (whatever it ended up being) to be perfect. It had to [...]


Enter the Aisle to Isle Sweepstakes for your chance to win a 5-night trip to the Four Seasons Resort in Maui @ Wailea, courtesy of Bloomspot! The Grand prize is...Romantic. Exotic. Paradise. Words are not enough to capture the beauty and majesty of the jewels of the Pacific. Explore exotic locales, savor superlative tastes, and [...]

Giveaway: @glasspuppyinc has 5 learning App codes to Share with Blogfully


Patience and Piper love when I get new games on 'MY' iPad. They always think it's an invite for them to get on my device for as long as they like. What they don't know is that I tend to push them towards the games that will help them learn something. I'm all for educational [...]

Giveaway: Music Together Lullabies CD


I have always found joy in listening to music that my girls find entertaining (and fun). I've always figured that as long as the lyrics were understandable, PG rated, and fun to sing along with; it can be played as often as they wanted. With that said. I had the wonderful pleasure of receiving a [...]

Giveaway: Crayola Outdoor Colored Bubbles Gift Pack


Let me just start by saying that this was actually so much fun, but messy (LOL). I originally planned on writing this big long post, but once I saw the pictures I took of the girls I thought that, in this case, pictures would be louder than words. Check this out... That was lots of [...]

We’re Going To X Out Acne in Just 4 weeks


These next four weeks are going to be fun. Zach has happily (and eagerly) agreed to be my "test subject" for the X Out 4 week program. Yay! Zach hasn't ever had any real issues with acne. From time to time (based on what he's told me) he might have a breakout that lasts longer [...]