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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Welch’s: Sweepstakes and Coupon Offer


Here's some great news from Welch's that I thought I'd share. Especially since it has something to do with Coupons and my favorite...a chance to win some good stuff!!! Welch's is already a brand we use and trust @ our house. At any given time--when you open the fridge--you'll see an almost empty jar of [...]

Havaianas Sandals are the Next #springbreak Must Have


Spring break is right around the corner and I know just where to find your next pair of fun and stylish beach-ready sandals. Havaianas! At Havaianas you'll find an array of sandals for men, women, kids and babies. Sandals are reasonably priced and give you so many options to choose from. You can order white [...]

Giveaway: Eraselet Pack for the kids!


I was sent the coolest bracelets ever! They're ideal for grade school kids and not only are they fashionable. They're functional AND Fun!!! How so? These are "Bracelets" with a purpose. Take a look... Pretty sweet huh? The girls fell in love with them the moment they saw their packet. First off, they couldn't wait [...]

GIVEAWAY: #CokeFamilyNight Prize Pack


Both Coca-Cola and Pringles have been staples in my home for a very, very long time. The kids go nuts every time we bring a jar or two of pringles into the house (it doesn't matter what flavor)...and hub can't go a day without enjoying at least 3 cans of coke before bed. That's just [...]