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Fraud Cashiers Check: BEWARE

I was just played people and I feel so embarrassed. I’m just happy to have a very good friend and husband that saw past that beautiful number written on that fake, no-good-for-nothing FRAUD check! :(

Here’s what happened…

I received a priority overnight “no signature required” enveloped from FedEx about an hour ago.This wasn’t a shocker. I receive mail all the time from them. But. I should have been able to see the following red flags of doom myself.

1st and foremost: I’m not that lucky

2nd) The envelope was sent from someone I have never in my life met or even heard of.

3rd) The check was from American Federal Credit Union in MI, not a bank in NY (where the person was supposedly from).

4th and final…The Cashier’s Check was written to me in the amount of $2,850.00 big ones. As soon as I saw that number I should have known better.

Beware of Cashier Checks

The sad thing is…when you need money that bad you see past the clues. You just see the numbers and all the bills that are late just pop in your head as Paid. Oh well…back to reality.

This stinks!

Oh, but before I forget. My good friend sent me over this link to a place where you can find out if the check you recieved is fradulent or not. Just visit the official page for finding Check Routing Numbers

So tell me; have you ever been played?

Disclosure: The webpage I’ve shared is not an affiliated link. I just wanted to share, with you, yet another way to protect your self from horrible freaking nothing-better-to-do scammers! You’re welcome. Everything I wrote in this post is true.

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  • Barbara M

    Thanks for the heads up.

  • No problem. I hope you never get one of those–ones that are not real. :)
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  • renee

    I wish it had been real!!!!!
    Why did they send you that? What benefit did they get if you had cashed that check? Oh wait, did they ask for your account number or something?!
    Thanks for the link–I never even thought about checking a check’s authenticity. I will next time!

    • Hub googled “fraud Cashiers Checks” and basically what happens is, they (the bad guys) “buy” something from you. Usually from Craigs list (which I seldom go to). They then send you a cashiers check for a larger than expected amount (because it takes a bank 2-3 weeks to verify the validity). They wait a few days for you to cash it and then call you asking if you could send them back the extra money they “sent you” by mistake. By the time they get their money you’re lyable for the money to your bank and bam…they just got away with another act of fraud.

      And get this…they called me…asking if I’d cashed the check yet. Unfortunately for them I scared them (or so I think) because I told them I had their “FAKE” check and that they were being recorded. They’ve never called back and the check still sits on my desk kind of like a reminder not to be too gulible in the future.
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      • renee

        Oh my gosh! They had the nerve to CALL?! You should report them to the police. They will do this to someone else and get away with it, some poor elderly person on a fixed income or something. People are so pathetic sometimes!

  • Oh wow!! I would have freaked out too!!
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