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“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world.”   – Albert Einstein

Some of the greatest discoveries our world has seen stem from the imagination. When Columbus found the Americas, he had no knowledge of the Americas; he just had an imagination that led him to believe that going west would be a faster way to go east. His goal was to find a shortcut for trading purposes; his imagination and courage were the driving forces. When the founders of the United States designed the constitution they clearly imagined the country they dreamed of and then designed the document that made the United States.Study Dog

There are hundreds of stories about how the imagination has made this world a better place. Imagination and reading actually complement each other. Imagination helps increase a person’s knowledge of things and knowledge helps increase a person’s imagination. One easy way to expand your imagination is to read every day. Whether it’s another amazing blogfully post, a book, or a really educational online reading program, reading will expand your mind. Let’s look at a few more benefits of reading:

-When parents neglect reading to their children, they’re dimming the imagination of that child. When parents don’t read themselves they’re also hurting their imagination- it dies, literally. Maybe be more positive about this i.e. “When parents read to their children they can ignite imagination. Statistics show that parents who read to their children can help increase their child’s vocabulary.

-Reading can reduce stress and help you live a longer more fulfilling life. Reading can calm the mind. Reading a good piece of material can take you to another place and distract you from the stresses in your daily life. When you have less stress in your life you can live longer and think with real clarity. Lower stress also means lower risk of heart disease, stomach ulcers, mental illness, weight gain, muscle pain, etc.

-Reading makes you a better communicator. Reading can teach you how to listen because when you read, you’re actually listening and trying to understand the message the author’s message. Reading strengthens your mind’s language processing areas. You use those same areas when you talk to your friends, coworkers and family. If your kids are struggling with their reading, get reading help for them-it’s worth it.

-Reading non- fiction helps you learn more about things that interest you and might interest others. Conversations will be more exciting when you have interesting tid-bits to add. When you know things, you tend to talk about those things and share those things with other people. This not only can help you build friendships, it will also keep those friendships exciting and lasting.

- Reading the newspaper can alert you to things that are going on around the world. Gaining a new perspective about the world will make you a well- rounded, compassionate person.

- Reading also plays a surprisingly large role in your confidence. The more you read, the more you know. Knowledge leads to certainty, courage and conviction. Remember that kid who was so eager to raise his hand when the teacher asked a question? Well he was convinced that he had the right answer, and knowledge was key to increasing the students’ confidence.

There are many other amazing benefits to reading. After reading this post I hope you’ll grow a deeper desire to fall in love with reading. I wish you the best of luck, and feel free to spread this knowledge.

Imagination is by far the most powerful instrument a person has in their mind. Wisdom and imagination make a beautiful companionship. Knowledge and experience are incredible things for the imagination when hope is also involved. The great thing about reading is we can hit two birds with one stone. Reading has that ability to expand the imagination, and it will if you do it often. When we read we can also learn from those that have experience, adopting more experience as we go. While we’re expanding our experience by adopting it we will naturally increase our knowledge of things. What other ways has reading ignited imagination or added value to your life?


Meet Riley From Study Dog

Guest Blogger Bio:

Riley Johnson has been involved in kids reading programs curriculum for over 15 years. She loves history, arts, and sports. She found a love for helping children learn how to read and grow educationally with Studydog.com.

Disclosure: This is a guest post, written and edited by Riley Johnson of Study Dog.

Let’s give it up for Riley Johnson! Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing some really great insights into the joys of reading.

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  • renee

    I couldn’t agree anymore about how important reading is, for adults as well as children, to have healthy minds!