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A Visit To the Aransas Pass Aquatic Center

I’m not a fan of public swimming pools. There’s nothing against them, I just don’t like being in a pool with a hundred other people – packed like sardines – just to have a little “fun.” I’d rather visit the beach, lay out in the sun, and watch my kids build sand castles, however. Patience and Piper were really looking forward to doing something different this weekend. So…the good parents that we are (LOL), dad and I gave in and took the girls where they wanted to go.

To make the deal a little sweeter, Patience invited one of her best friends from school to come with us. I took more than 300 pictures and more than 10 videos. I won’t bore you with all of them, but I do want to share some of my personal favorites…

Aransas Pass Water Park 031

Aransas Pass Water Park 122

Aransas Pass Water Park 092

I forgot to mention…while there the girls bumped into another friend from school.

Aransas Pass Water Park 166

Aransas Pass Water Park 206

Aransas Pass Water Park 024

The kids and I (and even John) had such a great time. We’re already talking about the next trip to the Aquatic Center and can’t wait to take the ferry to Port A for dinner too. We’re thinking the Crazy Cajun (again). It’s going to be so much fun!!!

PS–we knew we were going to be there all day. I didn’t want anyone to get burned so I used Coppertone Water Babies 75+ to give us that extra protection we’d need.


PS–It worked!!!

So how was your weekend? Anything worth sharing?

Disclosure: This is a random post, nothing more / nothing less. I am a Coppertone Water Mom, and did share a little “plug” about the brand, but this was not a paid post nor was I asked to share this experience.

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  • DynaLou

    Those are great photos and actually, a lot of kids would love to experience it as well.. Anyway, I just love these photos so much!

  • renee

    Fun pictures–and from underwater, no less! I’m impressed with your skills! Looks like a fun public pool. I can’t believe you guys go to the beach so much it gets BORING lol