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Care Bears: Welcome To Care-a-Lot (Viewing party)

We were given the opportunity to host a viewing party for the premiere of Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot. The show actually premiered on Saturday, June 2 @ 8:am ET on the Hub TV network, but we all decided to have our viewing party yesterday while all the cousins were together.

If you’ve never seen a Care Bear’s episode on the Hub, you’re missing out. The Care Bears – though a little different from when we were growing up – are still hard at work; making the world a nicer place.

Care Bear Viewing Party (12)

Care Bear Viewing Party (7)

Care Bear Viewing Party (4)

Care Bear Viewing Party (27)

Care Bear Viewing Party (37)

Care Bear Viewing Party (71)

The Care Bears were enjoyed by all the kids, but then again, we already knew it would be. Both my sister’s kids and my own girls are huge fans to the show. The bonus for the kids (this time around) was getting to color on their special coloring sheets with their special colors; My mother kept the cute crayon box and ruler.

If you’re looking for something fun to entertain the kids with – consider this show the show to start with.

About the Care Bears:

Nestled in a faraway cloud is a rainbow-colored world called Care-a-Lot, home of the magical Care Bears. Each one has a beary special talent, and together, there’s no problem they can’t solve. But sometimes even the Care Bears need a little help from a special friend — like you! Enter Care-a-Lot, where anything is possible and no wish is too big. You’ll make some amazing new friends and find adventure around every corner!

Rated: TV-Y

About The HUB:

The Hub is a place where great things come together, and that’s what The Hub TV channel is all about! The Hub is a fun destination that brings kids and their families together to enjoy clever stories and engaging characters in new and classic comedies, animated adventures, movies, and live-action shows. The Hub is brought to you by two of the best names in entertainment: Discovery Communications and Hasbro, Inc.

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At HubWorld.com we strive to create a space where kids can have fun and parents can feel at ease. We’ll never ask kids for personally identifiable information. Instead we encourage kids and their families to create fun usernames — or “Hub Handles” — that add to the playfulness of this site.

We hope you’ll enjoy the unlimited possibilities available here for your family on HubWorld.com, and that your time on our site will complement the exciting shows on The Hub TV channel.

Disclosure: Gift pack for the Viewing party was provided to me from Mom Select, on behalf of The Hub. All thoughts and opinions shared are my own (and those who were in attendance @ the viewing party). No compensation was received.

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