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It Was a Good One

Jäger woke up early this morning (5:50am), but, rather than wining at him to go back to sleep, I started my coffee and got to cleaning.

It was a pretty nice day, a little fun but mostly boring (when we weren’t at the park). Here are some of the pictures I took today. I even got a video of Jäger’s 3rd swim in the water. It was cute, but if you do plan on watching the video, please…lower the volume on your computer; I was a wee-bit loud.

Found this turtle on the sidewalk and thought he could use some help getting to the pond.

Jäger was pretty muddy, but he was so excited about being outside that it was so hard to get a clear shot of him…and then he jumped in the water.

This little guy was so dirty after our visit to the pond that a bathe was definitely in order…

And a nice drying

And finally, time to relax…

Have a great day all! We’ll see you back here soon.

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