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Hoops For Hearts – Reaching Out

Piper came home yesterday adamantly requesting donations for the American Heart Association’s Hoops For Hearts Cause at her school. I was pretty happy to see how motivated she was to collect so I did as any other mom would do in this situation…I helped scour the house for change; emptying piggy banks, tearing cushions from the couch and digging at the bottom of my purse. We did it all, and we able to collect almost $10 from doing just that.

Piper’s goal is to reach a minimum of $500, by December 10th; of course anything about that would be absolutely wonderful.

Yes, I admit, some of Piper’s reasoning behind reaching $500 in donations are the prizes, but I still think it’s a great cause and something that is worthy of being supported and shared with others…and I think it’s great to see that she has that confidence that she’ll reach it, however, and she doesn’t know this yet, but unless I ask for outside help, there’s no way she’ll do it; we just don’t know enough people.

In saying that. I hope you guys dont mind that I’ve decided to come to you for help. I wouldn’t do this otherwise but because of the season, the cause, and my little girl’s willingness to try and help raise money for the American Heart Association, I figured it was worth the effort to try too.

I have set up a Personal Page for Piper (so that she – and you – can see how much is being donated on her behalf). You are welcome to donate as much or as little as you can afford to give. And in advance, if you should decide to donate, we want to say thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for helping the way that you have. I know that the holidays can be a difficult time of year – both financially and emotionally – for many, so we do appreciate that you’ve taken the time to help.

Hoops For Hearts

About Hoops For Hearts:

Through Hoops For Heart kids learn basketball skills, learn how their heart works and raise money to help kids with special hearts. Have fun, learn how to stay healthy and make a difference in the lives of others! Learn more by visiting www.heart.org


Piper is collecting donations until December 10, 2012 (for her school), but…if all goes well we might set up an ongoing tab to support the cause year-round.

Disclosure: I am supporting my daughter’s drive to collect donations for the American Heart Association’s Hoops For Heart campaign at her school. This is not a paid post. There is no obligation to help. This is merely a request, on behalf of my daughter (and the cause). I feel strongly that reaching out to you can help my daughter to help other kids dealing with Heart Problems. If you have any questions please ask using the comments below or by contacting me via the contact button at the top of this page. Thanks again for any help.

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