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Thanksgiving Prep Work – CHECK

Truthfully, and though many of you are knee deep in prep-work as I speak, none of mine is even started. In fact, I probably won’t do much of anything ’til tomorrow (since we’re doing very little this year). I’m sure I’ll do a little cleaning today, that’s something that is never done, but aside from that, nada.

I’m a little saddened that times are tough these days, and we can’t celebrate the way we’re used to, but that’s okay. It’s never really been about the Turkey, it’s about being thankful for what we have and what I’m thankful for is my family. We could eat PB&J tomorrow and I’ll be alright with it.

On the bright side; CJ’s coming home tomorrow, for a few hours, and we plan on watching the parade in the morning and then play games all afternoon. It should be fun; I always enjoy watching the kids play video games (they’re so dramatic and competitive – makes for lots of laughs).

So anyway…I do hope you guys are enjoying your day. Make lots of memories and we’ll see you back here tomorrow!

PS – thanks for stopping by. I know you don’t have to (because there’s a million other blogs out there, much better than mine) but I’m glad you did. It means the world to me.

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Disclosure: This is a mere random post; nothing more nothing less. Have a great day and thanks, again, for stopping by.

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  • Heather!

    We aren’t doing much of a Thanksgiving today, either, mostly because we can’t be together (the larger family, anyway). It’s kind of sad, but also kind of nice to just enjoy the day together! And I certainly don’t mind not having to cook a huge meal. I hope you guys have a lovely day!

    By the way, I like your blog more than a million other ones out there. :)


    • The larger part of my family is out of town as well. And you’re right. It is kind of sad, but very nice at the same time…being with your husband and children, alone can be pretty sweet. I especially didn’t mind the small meal and clean up. :)

      You are too sweet. I thank you for saying that. And I hope you had an amazing “small” Thanksgiving with your family.
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