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An Awesome Gift for #MomToBe – @BellyBuds

I remember using headphones over my belly when I was pregnant with the kids. They never quite fit around my belly, but somehow I managed to make it work, however. There was no way I’d leave the house with them on…I’d look like a crazy woman.

Talking to my belly was another thing I did when I was pregnant. And I’m sure it did some good, but boy what I wouldn’t do to have been able to have a set of Bellybuds each time I had a baby in my belly. I would have talked to – and played music for – each of them a lot more than I did.

That said. This Christmas grab a set of BellyBuds for the lovely mom-to-be in your life. Not only would it be her best present of the season, the baby will love you for it too!

BellyBuds on TwitterBelly Buds are specialized speakers that gently adhere to the belly and safely play music and sounds directly to the womb.

Did you know? A baby’s hearing is fully developed in utero at about 20 weeks and their memories begin at 30 weeks. And research has shown that babies recognize and are soothed by sounds heard in the womb. Playing music low on the abdomen is also a proactive option to encourage a baby out of breech into the proper position. Whether it is music, soothing sounds or even loving voice messages, Bellybuds are a convenient and effective option for playing audio to the womb.

Bellybuds are easy to use, they’re portable and are able to be worn anywhere and at anytime.

Bellybuds has new packaging…

BellyBuds for Mom

Because Bellybuds is committed to 100% green and renewable resources. Every choice they make impacts the environment. The goal – to continue reducing their footprint from packaging product; currently Bellybuds packages are manufactured with 80% post-consumer product.

Final Thoughts:

I’ve reviewed Bellybuds once before, and I’ll tell you somethin…I loved this system then and I love the system now. I think they’re an amazing gift for the mom/baby-to-be in your life.

The price is reasonable – $49.95, but when you add to it the ease of use, the discreetness the system offers (when mom is on the go), and the bonding it brings to mom, dad and baby…the system then becomes a priceless asset to the pregnant mom.

For more information on Bellybuds – please visit them online and consider following them on Twitter, Facebook, & YouTube for the latest updates, videos, and special offers. IN FACT – visit Bellybuds NOW on Facebook for 20% off your purchase!  

Disclosure: I was provided with a set of Bellybuds for featuring them on Blogfully, however. Any thoughts, opinions, and/or testimonials expressed on this post are my own.

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