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At the end of a beautiful Christmas Day, We Had Tea

I hope you had a beautiful Christmas day with the ones you love.

Today (after a fun Christmas Day) we had tea…and we did so with the beautifullest of tea sets (Piper painted them herself – it was a gift she received).

we had tea3

She was actually trying to copy a tea set Patience was given a few years back. If you ask me, I think she did a pretty good job.

we had tea 5

we had tea 4

Pssst – just ignore the mess behind the girls please. I didn’t have time to clean.

It was especially fun when daddy joined in…and that he knew that the pinky must be upright in order to drink tea properly.

we had tea

Sadly, one of us couldn’t keep up with the rest of us.

we had tea 6

Yeah…it was all just too much for him.

& how was your day?

Blogfully yours,

Barbs SIG

PS, and because I have to include a disclosure, this is a random post…nothing more, nothing less.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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  • isn’t it nice to have a day with the family and nothing else to do? we had a fun day at home alone as well. :)

    • It was beautiful having nothing but family around…being lazy together. :)