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My Latest Project – Crocheting a Tunisian Afghan for CJ

I’ve been on a serious crochet kick lately. I’ve had this hobby for years and years – I love it – but stopped doing any of it after I made Zach’s afghan last year. I’m not sure why I just stopped crocheting. It’s always been such a therapeutic hobby for me (and a very rewarding one too).

Piper and Patience love spending time crocheting with me. We usually run to the craft store – just the three of us – pick the colors of yarn we want and head home to find a project we can all do together. Since I hadn’t done any crocheting for a while, we weren’t doing many “mommy/daughter” day outs together. And apparently this was really bothering the girls because they finally brought it to my attention.

Once I realized just how long it had been since the last time we crocheted together (last Christmas), I immediately stopped what I was doing and we began searching the internet for projects we could do together. Patience created this one-of-a-kind bag…

Crocheted bag by Patience

(She and I are so proud of her work!)

I’m sure you’ve noticed the growing number of crocheted pieces I’ve shared on Pinterest lately, and the projects I’ve posted up over the past few weeks…It was actually right before Christmas when I started it all again. I’ve showed you a few of those projects haven’t I?

The Christmas bags…

crocheted christmas bags

The slippers…

crocheted slippers

I think I even made mention of a cardigan I was working on (about a week ago) though I hadn’t shared any pictures yet; this is the one I was talking about…

chrocheted cardigan 1

That’s actually the front left (completed) and right side of the cardigan. Here’s a closer look…

crocheted cardigan closeup 1

Here’s an even closer look…

crocheted cardigan closeup 2

I still need to finish it, but I had to put this project aside – for now – because I learned a new stitch…

tunisian stitch

It’s called the Tunisian stitch and it’s made using crochet hooks and Tunisian hooks (depending on how large or small the pieces are that your working on). Isn’t it neat looking? I love it!!!

Once I got a hang of the stitch, I went in search of a project and found this pattern on the Lion Yarn brand’s website. It spoke to me (only I’ve changed the color pattern)…

tunisian Afghan for CJ

I’ll share another picture with you when it’s complete. I’m hoping to have it done by the end of next week. I started it on Sunday. Wish me luck! This afghan is actually for CJ so I’m working extra hard on it.

So what have you been up to? Anything you’d care to share?

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Disclosure: This is a random post. The links shared within this post are not affiliated in any way. Just wanted to share the love for a site I visit often (Lion Brand) and share a few pictures of the projects I’m working on.

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  • These are so amazing! I just don’t know how you do it. I tried knitting once with my grandmother and made a few squares. That was just about all I had patience for. ;)

    • Thanks Janet. LOL…some people just don’t have the patience for crocheting (or knitting – I can’t knit, it’s too difficult for me). Crocheting just comes to me like second nature stuff. I don’t even think when I’m doing it. It actually – like a good book – puts me to sleep like a baby. :) I love to do it and I’m happy that I’ve instilled this craft in the girls too. :) I’ll have to post a picture of the lighthouse afghan and baby sweater I crocheted a few years ago…the lighthouse won me a giveaway. :)