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Introducing Barb’s Bobble Bags

Well…I’m not exactly “opened for business,” but in a way – yes.

Most all of you know that – since Christmas – I’ve been crocheting. A lot. And…well…when I share pictures of those completed projects, I’m getting lots of great feedback (Thank you so much to all of you for the kind words and motivating remarks). So, I’ve been thinking…I’m going to give this “business” venture a try.

I don’t how this “business venture” will turn out, but I’m willing to give it a try. One – because I don’t really want to have to go out there and get a “real job.” I’m too used to staying home with the girls; being there for them when they need me. And two, because I like staying home and doing the things I like to do – clean house, blog, sign for packages, take naps, relax; things like that.

That said…

It is with great excitement that I introduce you to Barb’s Bobble BagsI think I need to get some cloth-tags made too. Maybe.

barbs bobble bags 2

barbs bobble bags 5

The great thing about each bag – they can be custom made by size (smaller or bigger) | colors (any two color combination) | strap width/length.

I accept payment through PayPal – $25 plus an additional $4.50 Shipping (in the US). Processing time will be 2 weeks (so that I can buy the materials, crochet the bag, wash it, dry it, and then get it mailed out).

Just so you know: Each bag takes me anywhere from 4 – 6 hours to make.

Thanks for reading! Hope you like the bags or know someone who would love to have one. If you’re interested, send me an email, barb @ blogfully(.net), with the following information:

Name, address, phone number (in case I have any questions), your desired colors (2), size: Small Medium or Large, strap width/length you desire – Short, medium, long.

Again, if you have questions – let me know. And if you’d care to leave any feedback, use the comment section below. I’d love to hear it.

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Disclosure: This is a random post. I’m testing the waters – to see if a business venture in the crocheting world is for me. That is all. Thanks for stopping by!

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About the author: Living in South Texas, Barb is wife to a taxidermist and mother to three outrageously rambunctious kids (ages 10, 11 & 20) and their cute dogs, Jager and Louie! Barb spends her day’s blogging, chatting with friends on Facebook, tweeting, sharing far too many crazy pictures on Pinterest & Instagram, and most importantly…trying to catch a cat-nap when she can. Her favorite drinks are Coffee and Unsweetened Mango tea from Sonic. Barb – through Blogfully – shares her personal insight on the products she tries, uses, hates, and loves. She lives to travel, enjoys reading, can crochet a mean afghan, and is told she makes the best chicken salad sandwiches ever!

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  • renee

    Good luck–I hope you sell tons :)