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Creative Thinking @ForDummies – A Book Worth Reading

Brain storming has always been difficult for me. I worry that I’m doing it wrong…or that I’m “reading too much into what I’m thinking” therefore, instead of thinking creatively, I can’t think of anything at all; like my brain goes blank. It turns off.

Am I making any sense?

Well, if this is you – too – then Creative Thinking for Dummies might be the book for you.

Creative Thinking For Dummies

In this book you’ll learn to open your mind to a new way of thinking. You’ll learn to brainstorm successfully and experiment with lateral thinking exercises. You’ll learn to discover creative thinking techniques (through games, words, drawings etc.) and finally, you’ll learn to use creative thinking to enhance your personal and professional life! Literally “Making Everything Easier!”

Book Synopsis:

Open the door to a world of infinite new ideas and creative opportunities!

Creative thinking is all about opening your mind and seeing things in a new way. Acquiring the knack can be incredibly liberating. Better yet is learning how to apply creative thinking in practical ways. Its a skill that opens up a wealth of new possibilities for greater success and fulfillment in every aspect of your life.

In Creative Thinking For Dummies you’ll discover powerful tools for kicking your brain’s idea engine into high gear, along with easy-to-learn-and-use techniques for living more creatively and finding innovative solutions to all of life’s challenges!

About the Author:

David Cox is a creative business consultant who, since the 1970s, has created, acquired and sold numerous successful businesses. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing as well as a Chartered Practitioner of NLP. David began his education in Fin Art, where he cultivated his interest in creativity. He also trained as a clinical psychologist before turning to marketing, when he founded the UK’s first youth marketing consultancy.

Final Thoughts:

To date, and though I’ve loved every For Dummies book I’ve ever read, my favorite would now have to be Creative Thinking for Dummies. I think it’s because I’ve learned so much from reading it…because I’ve been able to use it to better my blog postings (I do hope my blog postings have become better?!:. And most importantly, because I’ve been able to share this book with Patience – who loves reading, and who could benefit from reading this book more than anyone else I know. She’s already a “creative thinker,” she just faces the same problems I do; she over thinks, making her brain shut down completely.

Again, this book is a highly recommended read!

Disclosure: As part of the For Dummies Ambassador Program, I receive For Dummies books periodically, for the purpose of my review. As always, any thoughts, opinions and/or testimonials expressed here are my own.

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