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Sometimes You Just Have To…

Okay, I’m going to get right to it…

We’re currently struggling through some financial troubles – nothing huge, just behind on a few bills, but it’s still a problem none the less…and with only one income (the hub) it’s hard to take care of all the bills all of the time. I’ve already filled out an application for a few night jobs – we’ll see what happens. If I start working graveyard shift, you might see less of me, but I’m hoping not.

Now, because blogging is, for me, a luxury that I have to pay for monthly to keep (yes, I have monthly “blog” bills), sometimes I just have to write about things that aren’t necessarily “trending.” I do hope that you guys don’t mind. It was either start writing about products from other places, on occasion or putting a paypal type “tip-jar” on my side bar…and I didn’t want to do that – that’s just silly! Besides, when I do write about a business, from anywhere in the world, I make sure, first and formost, that we can actually purchase from them with no problems…

So, again…I am sorry to bombard you with certain posts. It’s what pays my bills and, frankly, here lately, if it wasn’t for those posts, Blogfully would be no more. Plus, I kind of like writing those posts – they’re almost challenging….and I really like seeing what businesses are run around the world. I think it’s cool.

Okay, I’ve said it. I’ve cleared my mind. Now, back to work…

Have a great day everyone! I hope you still love me. :)

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About the author: Living in South Texas, Barb is wife to a taxidermist and mother to three outrageously rambunctious kids (ages 10, 11 & 20) and their cute dogs, Jager and Louie! Barb spends her day’s blogging, chatting with friends on Facebook, tweeting, sharing far too many crazy pictures on Pinterest & Instagram, and most importantly…trying to catch a cat-nap when she can. Her favorite drinks are Coffee and Unsweetened Mango tea from Sonic. Barb – through Blogfully – shares her personal insight on the products she tries, uses, hates, and loves. She lives to travel, enjoys reading, can crochet a mean afghan, and is told she makes the best chicken salad sandwiches ever!

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