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My Thoughts on @Natures_Flavors #Organic & #NaturalProducts

Disclosure: I was provided with product, from Nature’s Flavors, on behalf of It’s a Glam Thing, for the purpose of my review. Any thoughts, opinions and/or testimonials expressed herein are solely my own.

I cannot – in one single post – even begin to list every organic, kosher, vegan, non-allergenic and/or alcohol / gluten-free product available for purchase at Nature’s Flavors, however. I can tell you this…they’ve got almost any natural, and organic, product you can think up – over 8,000 of them!

Nature’s Flavors has – for over 25 years – been a leader in nutritional wellness; offering natural and organic products that are USDA certified, from only the purest sources. Their products have no toxins, chemicals or synthetics, but rather, are cultivated right from earth’s rich and abundant natural sources.

I received a package a few weeks back, which included organic mouthwash for kids and a box of natural colors.

Product Info : :


Nature’s Flavors’ Organic Mouthwash for Kids is just what you need for a fun and clean time! Our great-tasting organic mouthwashes are made from all natural ingredients and are a refreshing way to teach kids about good hygiene and a healthy lifestyle. We offer three delicious natural flavors: Bubble Gum, Cherry, and Grape. As a family-owned company, we know the importance of passing on a healthy and natural way of life to our children. Try some today and see your kids enjoying a product you know is from the earth. For over 25 years Nature’s Flavors has always brought the best flavor that Mother Nature has to offer, and nothing is more important than ensuring our children reap the benefits of a natural life.

natures flavors - organic mouthwash for kids

Patience loved Nature’s Flavor’s Organic Mouthwash for Kids; Piper, not so much. Patience thought the vibrant blue (sorry – never got the chance to take pictures of that) color and bubble gum flavor was awesome; Piper said the color was cool looking but the flavor was a little weird for her. Patience would definitely use again; Piper says she’ll pass.

Please note: I was able to try the mouthwash once and liked it. The taste of bubble gum was definitely there; it left a nice after taste too…nothing too strong that you had to rinse again. Piper just didn’t care for the taste – she prefers minty flavors when it comes to her dental stuff.


Nature’s Flavors is proud to offer some of the finest Natural Colors to the world. All of our natural colors are free of artificial ingredients or additives and are kosher, vegan, and gluten free. They are specially formulated as replacements for artificial colors and dyes, many of which have been linked with diseases and learning disorders. They are perfectly suited to many diverse applications, from baking to ice cream, beverages to snow cones. All of our natural colors are created from the earth, featuring the robust palette Mother Nature has provided. Fruits, flowers, seeds, and vegetables are all used to impart their distinctive and vibrant hues to our colors. No matter what the need, Nature’s Flavor’s, Natural Colors, are the best choice for bringing your culinary creations to life.

Natures Flavors Natures Colors

& Nature’s Flavors’ Natural Colors are perfectly safe for drinking too…

natures flavors - safe for drinking

The Nature’s Flavor’s Natural Colors are awesome! They’re so vibrant. I could definitely see using them to color our Easter eggs, and to color my homemade buttercream frosting the next time I decide to bake a cake. They’re not bad on taste either.

…Actually, there’s no taste to them at all, just beautiful vibrant colors!

Final Note ::

If you’re looking to change to more natural/ organic products, I recommend visiting Nature’s Flavors first, before you look anywhere else. You might be surprised at what Nature’s Flavors has to offer [I don't know about you but I'm pretty curious about their flavored coffees...you know me].

Products are available @ the Nature’s Flavors official website

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  • My better half uses the Natural Colors for baking, she say’s its fun to see things change color.

    • no doubt! These are – by far – the most vibrant colors I’ve seen. Oh, and my girls love to see things change colors too :)