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Lady Care During #Menopause [#wellness product review]

Dislcosure: I was provided with product, on behalf of Lady Care, via It’s A Glam Thing, for the purpose of my review. Any thoughts, opinions, and/or testimonials expressed herein are solely my own.

Less bloating, more restful sleep, less hot flashes & night sweats, better controlled emotions, and an increase in energy…not to mention improved libido; isn’t that what women beg for when they’re reaching, or going through, menopause ?

For women who seek a safe, natural and effective alternative for managing menopause symptoms; I recommend Lady Care.

Lady Care is a natural and drug free alternative for easing the pains associated with menopause symptoms. There are no prescriptions, pills, or drops to keep up with, just one small device, discretely worn under your clothes, comfortably out of sight & out of mind.

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Front - Back Lady Care

I received a Lady Care Menopause device to try with my ongoing menopause symptoms. So far – in a month’s time – I’ve noticed some positive changes. My night sweats/heat flashes have become tolerable, which means I’m getting more sleep…which means I’m napping less often, which means I’m in better moods and have more energy during the day…which means…I’m in control of my – once – uncontrollable emotions.

It’s crazy to think that this small device is doing so much for me, but it’s true. My nights haven’t been this dry in months (talking about night sweats & hot flashes people…stay with me) and I can tell I have more energy; I’m a little more productive during the day. And this my friends, is the reason I feel this product is worth recommending.

Also available from Lady Caremn8 for period pain.

Lady Care Menopause and mn8 Period devices have an SRP of $45 + S&H. They’re available by @ www.LadyCareUSA.com. While there, read their testimonials, survey, and trial results, watch videos, and, of course, shop!

PS - Lady Care is Made in the USA

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  • This is some really great information, thanks for sharing Barb.

  • renee

    I never would have thought about magnetic therapy for menopause. I will admit that my first reaction was “What the heck is that? And where do you put it??” but I went to the website and my questions were answered lol!

    • LOL…I guess I should have mentioned where they discretely sit. Sorry about that. But I’m glad you took a visit to Lady Care’s site. Interesting isn’t it?

      • renee

        Very interesting!