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Giveaway: Peaceable Kingdom #PrizePack


Oh my gosh – I LOVE foil art!!! It is so much fun! I mean, even I can’t keep away from that stuff. And stickers – who doesn’t love stickers…and games – especially ones where you get to doodle, on erasable doodle boards no less!!! It’s awesome! Disclosure: I was provided with a few fun [...]

A New #Afghan for Piper


Disclosure: Just another random post…something I like to do when I’m going through writers block…or just being lazy. Thanks for reading; leave a comment if you’d like. Today is another lazy day – kind of. I’ve actually started a new project. I’m crocheting a new afghan for Piper. Blankie (the one I made for her, [...]


You've got it; it's a Friday and I'm kind of busy playing mommy this weekend. I'll have something interesting to share with you tomorrow...or Sunday for sure (probably pictures too). Here's the deal; I have a mere 3 days to take advantage of whatever back-to-school sales I can find. School starts on Monday and I'm [...]

#ChalkboardDogs are far too Cute for words


Disclosure: I was provided with product for the purpose of my review. Any thoughts, opinions and/or testimonials expressed herein are solely my own (or that of my kiddos) I received a Chalkboard Dog (in the shape of a terrier) not too long ago, from Steadfast Friends, for the girls. We weren't able to place it [...]

Painting #BirdHouses and #Coffins


We went to my sister's house the other night (which is a mere 3 minutes away). We had a great dinner, followed by some fun arts-and-crafts, and a late night cup of Joe. My younger sister (the one with six kids) loves to paint, do the duck tape thing, and upcycle old canisters and containers [...]

Making progress


I haven't even hit the half-way point, but I'm making progress... For those who don't know; I've been working on a new afghan for CJ (my son). I caught wind of this new stitch from Pinterest (the Tunisian stitch) and found an awesome pattern to follow from the Lion Brand website. It's a really nice [...]

My Latest Project – Crocheting a Tunisian Afghan for CJ


I've been on a serious crochet kick lately. I've had this hobby for years and years - I love it - but stopped doing any of it after I made Zach's afghan last year. I'm not sure why I just stopped crocheting. It's always been such a therapeutic hobby for me (and a very rewarding [...]

#Crocheting for Christmas – What are You Doing?


It's now - and will be until the end of the month - the absolute busiest time of the year for me. This is when I begin my marathon of crochet projects...in hopes of being able to give one or two handmade gifts to family or friends. I don't know if you remember last year. [...]