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Giveaway: @Culturelle Gift Pack


Kids will be kids! That’s what they always say… Seriously. They go places they shouldn’t. They pick up things you wish they wouldn’t. They eat strange things, and Lord knows they do things we don’t even know about yet…but that’s just kids being kids, right? Only Culturelle Kids! Probiotic contains the #1 most clinically studied [...]

@Centrum #FlavorBurstChews are My Absolute Favorite Multivitamin ever


If you look in my kitchen pantry, you might very well see a hundred different multivitamin bottles, half full…because I start taking them – hoping to get into a daily habit of doing so – and then slowly, I forget about them all together. The cycle forever repeats itself. Disclosure: I received this product for [...]

I #BlameMucus for All of IT


CJ hardly ever gets sick, but Patience and Piper…now that’s a different story. These girls are forever coughing, sneezing, dealing with watery eyes, a stuffy nose, even congestion. It’s not fun; for any of us. Disclosure: I received this product for free from Smiley360 in exchange for my honest review. You can join Smiley360 here! [...]

100% Satisfied with #Airborne Products


I swear I was coming down with something the other day (as were the kids at the first part of last week) but it never became anything…thanks to Airborne, and their effervescent tablets! Disclosure: I was provided with product, from Smiley360, for my thoughts. Any opinions, stories, and/or testimonials expressed herein are solely my own. [...]

Giveaway: @BeSkinnyJuice Intro-PK (x2) For those days you Want to Eat Less


Since working at Gold’s Gym, I’ve been more conscious about what I eat, where I eat, what time I eat and – most importantly – how much I eat. So far I’ve lost 10 pounds - in 3 months – and, not so shockingly, have kept it off. At work – since I work the [...]

I tried the New Pompeian Grapeseed Oil Spray


Most every meal I make at home is made using some sort of olive oil. On occasion I’ll use vegetable oil and/or corn oil too, but I’ve never tried grapeseed oil before, have you? Disclosure: As a Smiley360 Blogger I received FREE product. Any thoughts, opinions and/or testimonials expressed in this post are solely my [...]

Orajel Single Dose


The first time I got a cold sore was when I landed myself in the hospital (for sepsis) almost 2 years ago – I guess 5 days laying in a hospital bed, with IVs sticking out of your arms, and constant visits from a nurse can bring the biggest stresses out in anyone – and [...]

Giveaway: #Win 4 packs of @PURGUM


The kids and I received a package in the mail…and in this box were packets of gum; PÜR Gum! Disclosure: I received product, for the purpose of my review. Any thoughts, opinions and/or testimonials expressed in this post are my own (or that of my family’s). I also use Grammarly's plagiarism checker because even though [...]