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#HappyEaster Everyone


Just a quick post to wish you all a wonderful and glorious Happy Easter today!!! I’m wishing you the most fun with family and friends, and above all – the blessings that come with this beautiful day as well!!! Again… Happy Easter Everyone!!! From all of us here @Blogfully

My baby turned Eleven


Eleven years ago (yesterday), on Good Friday – right before Easter – Piper came rushing into this world. On April 18th – six weeks before her actual due date of June 6th - at around 5:45 pm, in Kerrville Texas, 2003, Piper was born. She was tiny (weighing in at 5pounds 0 ounces, and dropping [...]

Its Been Sixteen Days Since My Last Post


I haven’t written in 16 days (minus the post I had to get in before the deadline), but it’s with good reason that I hadn’t… I’m still in the process of getting everything set up, but…we’re in a new house. We haven’t bought it yet, but this is the home my family and I spend [...]

Not Adjusting to the New #TimeChange


Oh my gosh…I’m having a harder than hard time adjusting to the new time change. I mean, how am I going to get used to falling to sleep when it still looks this bright @ 7:00PM (when my bedtime is at 7:30)? I’ve shut my blinds, put thick curtains up and even placed a dresser [...]

A Lot Has been Happening Despite The Updates


Oh my gosh…where do I start? It’s been busy over here, even if I haven’t been blogging every day (like I used to do). Disclosure: This is just another random post. There are no affiliated links or paid “mentions” to be seen…just my life’s updates. Thanks for reading.  Between my fulltime job (at Gold’s Gym), [...]

It Feels like a #Friday Cause I Got Paid Yesterday!!


Really…it feels like a Friday to me. Why? Because I switched from one “prepaid MasterCard service,” to another (for work) and I just found out that I got paid yesterday. YESTERDAY people!!! Not one day, but TWO days before I would have, had I stayed with the other service! Disclosure: Yes, this is a random [...]

My Dad Passed Away 23 Years Ago Today


I was in Germany. My ex-husband was in Saudi. I was 16 and all alone, in a foreign country, living – what felt like – millions of miles away from home, when I got the Red Cross call, telling me my father had just passed away and that my family needed me to come home [...]

Happy Birthday Little Guy


Oh my gosh, I can’t believe our little guy is now 1 year old…time’s flown. I know this is a short post – it’s 15 minutes till my bedtime and I really must get to bed. But, I couldn’t end the day without sharing a few of my favorite “Louie” Pictures. I hope you like [...]