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Not Adjusting to the New #TimeChange


Oh my gosh…I’m having a harder than hard time adjusting to the new time change. I mean, how am I going to get used to falling to sleep when it still looks this bright @ 7:00PM (when my bedtime is at 7:30)? I’ve shut my blinds, put thick curtains up and even placed a dresser [...]

A Lot Has been Happening Despite The Updates


Oh my gosh…where do I start? It’s been busy over here, even if I haven’t been blogging every day (like I used to do). Disclosure: This is just another random post. There are no affiliated links or paid “mentions” to be seen…just my life’s updates. Thanks for reading.  Between my fulltime job (at Gold’s Gym), [...]

It Feels like a #Friday Cause I Got Paid Yesterday!!


Really…it feels like a Friday to me. Why? Because I switched from one “prepaid MasterCard service,” to another (for work) and I just found out that I got paid yesterday. YESTERDAY people!!! Not one day, but TWO days before I would have, had I stayed with the other service! Disclosure: Yes, this is a random [...]

My Dad Passed Away 23 Years Ago Today


I was in Germany. My ex-husband was in Saudi. I was 16 and all alone, in a foreign country, living – what felt like – millions of miles away from home, when I got the Red Cross call, telling me my father had just passed away and that my family needed me to come home [...]

Happy Birthday Little Guy


Oh my gosh, I can’t believe our little guy is now 1 year old…time’s flown. I know this is a short post – it’s 15 minutes till my bedtime and I really must get to bed. But, I couldn’t end the day without sharing a few of my favorite “Louie” Pictures. I hope you like [...]

Which board games did you play this Christmas?


Even in an age of technological advancement, where endless entertainment is available at the click of a button, when it comes to family entertainment during the festive period the board game is still king. While some children may roll their eyes and insist that it’s more of a bored game than a board game, once [...]

What am I doing And why haven’t I written anything lately?


Okay – confession time… Disclosure: Random post – that’s what this is – nothing more/nothing less…just wanting to share a few random things with you (oh, and the link shared…yeah, wasn’t paid to share that; just saying). I’ve been working my butt off at the gym (I really need the hours). When I’m not at [...]

Yahoo! My #Whirlpool Washer Works again


Since before Christmas (the 21st of December to be exact…that’s the day my Whirlpool washing machine went kaput) I’ve been hand washing all of my family’s clothes. Disclosure: Obviously…this is a random post – nothing more/nothing less. Thanks for stopping by and reading. Feel free to leave your comments; spark up conversation with me. EPIC [...]