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Reading @StressFreeKids by @LoriLite And its full of Useful Information


Patience – my middle child, just 12 years old – is the most stressed out, anxiety ridden, anger prone person I’ve ever known; if you even breath in her direction – without first letting her know you’re doing it – she’ll burn a hole in your head…I swear! Disclosure: I was provided with a copy [...]

Giveaway: A @Lazoo4U PrizePack


Disclosure: I was provided with books and a plush toy, from Lazoo, as a thank you for participating in this campaign. Any thoughts, opinions, and/or personal stories shared in this post are solely my own. I love the Lazoo app…and the Lazoo characters too (especially the giraffe).  And if you’ve never played it with your [...]

Giveaway: @DinoLingo Language Learning 5-disc DVD Set [$89 Value]


I’ve been waiting to tell you guys all about this next product. It’s cute, entertaining, and totally educational. It’s Dino Lingo, and it’s a language learning program for kids (did I mention it’s awesome?). Disclosure: I was provided with a Dino Lingo Language Learning Kit for the purpose of my review. Any thoughts, opinions, and/or [...]

Underwriting from the professionals at Catlin


I’m not very knowledge in the field of “underwriting,” but I’m well aware that large businesses and companies / corporations – even our government - need this service to help keep them protected from loss and damage. With that being said; Catlin is committed to providing clients with a consistently high quality service throughout the [...]

Giveaway: Communications with All Life Book and CD from @JoanRanquet


Louie and Jager are the best four-legged-friends a family could ever ask for. They’re loving, entertaining, loyal, friendly to others, and very protective. I don’t know what I’d ever do without them in my life. Disclosure: I was provided with a copy of Joan Ranquet’s Book and CD – Communications with all life. Any thoughts, [...]

A Culinary Academy for CJ | Its What He lives to Do [@TanteMarie]

Tante Marie

CJ has loved to cook since I could remember. He watches Cooking shows all the time and – when looking for a job – he always looks for work at restaurants (as their chef, head cook, griller, sushi roller…you name it). I think he’s actually thinking about going to Tante Marie’s Culinary Academy (if he [...]


Did you know there were 8 types of learners? If you can figure out your child’s personality profile, you can actually help motivate, and promote, successful learning. Disclosure: I am taking part in a book tour, for A Parent’s Playbook for Learning, and received a digital copy of the book, for my review. Any thoughts, [...]

Three Books By Jimmy Olsen You Must Read


Disclosure: I was provided with a copy of each title noted in this post. Any thoughts, opinions and/or testimonials expressed herein are solely my own. If you’ve never read a book by Jimmy Olsen, I encourage you to grab a copy – any title (you can find his books on amazon) – and start reading…but [...]